Great customer service is the soul of any business. You can offer advancements and slice costs to get the same number of new clients as you need, yet unless you can get some of those clients to return, your business won’t be productive for long. Why do you think people always get back to Hampton Bay? Because they are providing the best customer service one could ask for.

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A good customer service is always tied in with bringing clients back. Also, about sending them away cheerful – sufficiently upbeat to pass positive criticism about your business along to others, who may then attempt the item or administration you offer for themselves and in their turn progress toward becoming rehash clients. There have been complaints from the customers but Hampton Bay customer service is always there to listen to them and send them away with a solution. There are few things that make Hampton Bay’s customer service amazing.

  • They almost always answer their phone.
  • Always gives the customer something extra after a complaint or somehow satisfy them.
  • They always treat their customer full of respect and humbly.
  • Train their staff in a way that they treat the customers always as the first priority.
  • Helps the customers even when there is no profit for them.
  • Deal with complaints in a proper manner instead of being stubborn
  • They listen to their customers.
  • Never gives customers false hope or make false promises. This way Hampton Bay with these simple tricks gets more customers than other companies ever got from promotions or price slashing.

All in all, Hampton Bay is your one-stop-shop to everything you need to build that perfect house.


  1. I am looking for an additional light to go with the set of path lights I recently purchased. Can I order one or two from you or can you tell me where I can get them?
    The lights are
    LED low voltage Pathway Light #1001513111

    Thank you.

  2. Was looking for information about your Hampton Bay # 1001 514 666. I could NOT find it on the web site.
    It has 4 light LED directional lights in a surface mount fixture 14.5″ x 14.5″ x 2.2″ square.
    Is there a manual available for the fixture?

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